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We are leading with a new generation of


Meet Dr. Dixon

What if Women had a better contraceptive solution?

Existing Solutions are General, one size fits all & carries their sets of risks.

The Contraceptive methods available on the market today cause multiple side effects, which create severe consequences for the physical and emotional condition of the women - which is why the most common contraceptive used today is tubal ligation, a highly invasive procedure and usually irreversible.


About us

Everything we do is intended to give women maximum control and safety in using long-term birth control.
We do that by creating biocompatible, hormone-free products that block the fallopian tubes and un-block on command.
So, you can always choose differently! 


Our mission is to provide every woman and couple with a safe, reliable, reversible,
and nonhormonal contraceptive with maximum personalization to every woman's unique anatomy. 


Our team is dedicated and obligated to develop the next generation of LARCs.

We believe that every woman should have the freedom of choice to decide if and when she\they wishes to become pregnant, therefor our solution is 100% reversible.


About POLY 

POLY is the next generation of LARCs - Long-acting reversible contraception.

POLY is the first and only personalized, removable, and hormone-free contraceptive device for women.

This means that POLY is a perfect fit for every woman with maximum effectiveness while giving women the freedom to choose differently and safely by using the first-ever personalized, safe, effective, and fully removable contraception.


Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

 Our team consists of people who are determined to make a difference and improve reproductive health to help billions of women & couples worldwide.
We all share the same vision and are committed to the company's success.
We have a solid team backing this venture, with leaders in OB/GYN, Medical devices, reproductive health, polymeric biomaterials, business development, technology and innovation.

Patient Info

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As we get closer to conducting clinical trials on our POLY contraceptive, we would love to hear about your interest and share more with you more information.

If you are considering a safe, nonhormonal, reversible, and personalized contraceptive, you could be a perfect fit!

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